Merit Time International 2021 Awards

Merit Time International remains grateful to her esteemed Ambassadors, admirers, and donors for a successful event in 2021 where leadership was brought to the fore. It is indeed better to be jaw jaw than to war war. 2021 is a remarkable year and will be remembered for a long time to come with its attendant extraordinary style of the Covid 19 era in which people are not allowed free movement and association unless in
conformity with a particular style of dress and social distancing coupled with
regular hand washing. 

As agreed by the Governing
Council, 2021 leadership lecture came in two phases; one in April and the last
one in September. They were all colourful with very important dignitaries in
attendance. We can only say we are privileged to champion this course of
leadership in society, schools and corporate organizations.

The Governing Council has equally approved for the 2022 leadership lectures and award to take place in March, August and November should the administrative department have the capacity to deliver in three if not we shall settle for two events. The decision to project for three events was informed by the pressure from the public to have regular leadership lectures of three-month interval which is not always easy for the organizers should we really want to experience quality leadership lectures and award ceremony.

Merit Time International will continue to serve you better as keep supporter her dreams of a better leadership and society where everyone is conscious of his/her behavior. We look forward to receiving you in Abuja as you get our invitation. Feed your eyes with the pictorial story of the 2021 events. Remain blessed.

National Coordinator


For Chairman, Governing Council 

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