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Merit Time International is interested in good governance, leadership oriented programs and education of young ones.

Merit Time International is a media and humanitarian Organization based in Nigeria with the aim of encouraging leadership at all levels, boosting the teaching of math among students, supporting schools in the areas of humanitarian services, cementing relations between government and the private sector, between tertiary institutions and ministry of education, between African countries and their counterparts abroad, in promoting leadership and help to build institutions that strengthen leadership coupled with humanitarian services.

We organize national lectures every year with the aim of raising creative leaders through our leadership lectures thereby strengthening leadership at all levels.

We encourage students to form math clubs and help brilliant and indigent student who are determined to study but lack the resources to go to school.

We donate to Orphanage homes, destitute, less privileged and challenged parents through our numerous admirers every year.

Merit Time International uses the opportunity of her national lecture to honour spirited and hardworking Nigerians from the 36 states of the federation at most three nominations for each state and some few countries in Africa, who have distinguished themselves in areas of caring for the less privileged, leadership ingenuity, humanitarian services and community development.

We organize math competitions in schools, mathematics clubs and national lectures on leadership at National Merit House, Maitama every year with the aim of raising creative leaders thereby strenghtening leadership at all levels.

Part of our humanitarian services include donations to orphanage homes, destitute, less privileged and challenged parents through our numerous admirers and supporters during our national lectures.

We also have our annual international award in London where Nigerians in the Diaspora and other country citizens receive our award and recognition. This is made possible with our international affiliation and Ambassadors living abroad.

Our organization is replete with competent staff that are armed with level technical skills, high profile professional training on brand, brand management, international relations and brand journalism, with modern technological knowledge that is not comparable. As reputable professionals, we help all tiers of government, private and public sectors, corporate organizations and developmental agencies, to meet their teething business challenges by offering a unique service delivery that is capable of boosting growth, improve creative policy making, information sourcing and development of new ways of doing business along with quick service delivery that places high premium on value for money.

The Governing Council of Merit Time International is the only body reserved with the right to nominate our would-be award recipients. Once they discover their good work and consider their humanitarian efforts, they forward their names which are further subjected to scrutiny by the editorial board before letters are sent out. Our Governing Council is made up of retired but not tired Federal Permanent Secretaries, Officers of the Nigerian Immigration Service, Para military, Directors from Ministries and Government parastatal, Captains of Industry and few privileged recipients of our award.

We are a credible organization of young enterprising, intelligent and committed Nigerians, schooled in the art of journalism and taking journalism to the next level through packaging and branding in fashion of developmental journalism thereby encouraging Nigerians who have been contributing to the development of Africa in their little corner realized.

Having worked in the Nigerian Branding and Public Relations Market and Mingle Brands Media Limited for over 15 years, these young men conceived the idea of Merit Time International, backed by God and spirited credible mentors whose aim is to partner with Credible Universities in Nigeria and Abroad to have a National Lecture and Award at least once in a year to encourage not necessarily millionaires but trustworthy individuals who are touching lives in and around their community.

Mingle Brands Media Limited is the publisher of Merit Time International, consulting for Gavel Exclusive, National Chronicle, coupled with numerous publishing houses in the country, corporate organizations and schools.

While our media dept takes care of publicity, enlightenment, publishing and packaging, humanitarian dept takes care of the non governmental org aspect , reaching out to the less privileged people in society, assisting widows, orphans and vulnerable people across denominations  and creed. It isa community based NGO focused on putting smiles on people’s faces irrespective of their race or nationality. We also organize book presentations, seminars for organizations on leadership and followership coupled with our intervention programmes on destitute, orphanage homes and Child abuse. Our key areas of focus are what we believe to be the pillars of a fulfilling life: education and leade4rship. This we have championed for the past 9 yrs with lots of energy and commitment.


The organization has not received any grants from any local or international org at the moment. Nevertheless, the primary responsibility of this organization is not about receiving any grants, however, where there is a sponsorship of any of our programmes such as our lectures, award events, school intervention, humanitarian services etc, we shall gladly entertain. Going forwards, the org is open for any grant or sponsorship.

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