Meet Our National Coordinator

About S. M. Sunday Okwu Ojor

Sunday Okwu Ojor is a professional Journalist, a Public Relations manager, a publisher and a speech writer spanning over 18 years’ experience in special media projects execution. He Hails from Obibagwu Ainu Oju Local Government Area of Benue State. He believes that the greatest problem facing our generation is not death but ignorance. Ignorance of the law, ignorance of the other person, ignorance of our society and even ignorance of oneself. This propelled him to author a book in 2015 titled: “The Wrong Side of Rights.” He has worked for several media organizations and advertising agencies from where he garnered experience in copy writing, branding, and advertising. He worked briefly as a broadcast journalist with FRCN (Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria) before joining the print media where he made his mark for several newspapers and magazines. He is the Chief Operating Officer of Mingle Brands Media Ltd, publishers of Merit Time International in Nigeria and Gavel Magazine of the National Assembly. His creative ingenuity and proactive nature attract leaders of various cadres to include him in their teams, committees and organizations with high expectation and result. A great organizer, mobilizer and a gentleman; he has championed several national lectures and award events in Africa, a man of the people and a prolific writer. He together with a few young professionals conceived and launched Merit Time International in 2013 with a book launch titled the Wrong Side of Rights. His ability to turn things around for good endears him to countless number of individuals he might never meet one on one. He is also the author of “Leadership and Providence,” “Working with a difficult CEO,” “Step into your Destiny,” with several other books yet to be published. He is a member of Nigeria Union of Journalist, Special Marshal of the FRSC, Advertising Professionals of Nigeria, etc. he has held various leadership positions both in the Church and circular world. He is happily married to Evelyn Ijogo Okwu.

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